Compassion is God’s Blessing-Light. Compassion is God’s Concern-Height. Compassion is God’s Oneness-Delight.

The searching mind will eventually receive God’s Blessing-Light. The aspiring heart spontaneously feels God’s Concern-Height. The self-giving life sleeplessly enjoys God’s Oneness-Delight.

Compassion is God’s Love-Intensity for a God-seeker. Compassion is God’s Fondness-Immensity for a God-seeker.

Compassion is wisdom. Wisdom embodies peace, birthless and deathless. He who has peace has everything, both here on earth and there in Heaven.

Compassion is kindness unfathomable. Once a son of the great philosopher William James went to visit his uncle, the great writer Henry James. The uncle gave his nephew three pieces of advice that he felt would be of tremendous help to him: the first important thing in life is kindness; the second important thing in life is kindness; and the third important thing in life is kindness.

Compassion is at once the seed and fruit of self-education. And it is from self-education that we can offer our wisdom-light to mankind. Wisdom-light is a self-giving flame that slowly, steadily and unerringly grows into a God-becoming sun.

Self-education is founded upon a disciplined life. Once a young man wrote a letter to the great philosopher Thomas Carlyle asking him for advice on how he could be successful in teaching. Carlyle immediately replied that he should first be what he would like his pupils to be. All other teaching, he said, is sheer deception.

On the strength of my self-education, if I can offer my sacred love to God the creation, if I can offer my secret devotion to God the Creator and if I can offer my unconditional surrender to God, my Beloved Supreme, then and then alone my entire earthly-existence will be flooded with Light and Delight.

Before I speak, I must see. Before I see, I must feel. Before I feel, I must believe. What must I believe? I must believe that if I can show compassion to humanity, then Delight will be my reward. I shall experience the same Delight which God Himself has been experiencing from time immemorial, since the very birth of His creation.

If I can offer compassion to humanity, then I will get the golden opportunity to become soulfully receptive. If I become soulfully receptive, then the yet unmanifested God will be able to manifest Himself powerfully and satisfactorily in and through me. If cheerfully and unconditionally I can offer an iota of compassion to humanity, then God will immediately grant me His Vision-Crown and His Reality-Throne.

A man of compassion is a pure saint in his inner life and a sure hero in his outer life. His heart is an ever-blossoming perfection-flower inside the Satisfaction-Tower of his Beloved Supreme. God showers constantly His choicest Blessings upon him, upon his devoted mind and his surrendered heart.

God has many, many magnets, but His Compassion-Magnet is by far the best. It is unparalleled, without a second, and it shall remain unparalleled throughout Eternity. God’s Compassion-Magnet pulls humanity, with all its excruciating pangs, towards God’s transcendental Height.

God’s unconditional Compassion grants humanity hope and grants divinity promise. Because of God’s unconditional Compassion, humanity’s hope and divinity’s promise can together live a compassion-life in oneness-delight.

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