Question: Does any change take place in your body when the divine forces enter the physical?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly. It has happened many times. When a very high spiritual force, a dynamic force, enters into me, I see that I embody hundreds and thousands of lions. When infinite Peace enters into me, I see the Pacific Ocean. If a childlike force which is very sweet and beautiful enters into me, I see myself as a child of five or six years old. Many people have seen me as a small child when they have meditated with me. Again, when a force enters into me and wants to show me my traditional ancient consciousness as a Vedic seer, at that time I see myself as I was many incarnations ago. I see myself in the jungle with a long beard, a moustache and long hair.

I do not want to say that one consciousness is superior or inferior. This moment I see a Vedic consciousness, and the next moment I see the consciousness of a little child of four or five. It is not that I am unable to maintain my own consciousness; only it is not necessary. Somebody may get inspiration from the first consciousness, and somebody else may get inspiration from the second one.

It is not in my subtle body that I see these changes in my consciousness, and I will not say it is in my gross physical. But part of the physical receives the force and is transformed in different ways. Here transformation does not mean illumination and perfection, but just changing from one form to another.

The body does change, and I see it with my own eyes. The powerful forces are bound to change it. Sometimes, when a force descends very powerfully and I do not want to control that force, my nose and jaw shake. At that time, I am not entering into a dramatic performance. If you hold something under a tap and run water over it in a particular way, it may shake under the pressure. But if you hold it more firmly it will not shake. Light is descending powerfully and I am just letting it flow freely. To come back to your question, the physical definitely changes. The actual physical height can change. Others will not be able to measure it, but spiritual Masters will be able to. It is not deception; but it occurs in the subtle form. So you will not be able to see how the height changes with your human eyes.