O Senior Citizens!3

O senior citizens! O esteemed brothers and sisters! Welcome! Congratulations!

Do you know what you divinely have? You have wisdom-light.

Do you know what you supremely are? You are patience-perfection.

Your wisdom-light tells us that each fleeting second is of paramount importance; nay, each second is invaluable. Your patience-perfection tells us that we are of Eternity's silence vision and for Eternity's sound-reality. Eternity is at our disposal. Eternity reminds us of the forgotten truth: "Slow and steady wins the race." Slowly, steadily and unerringly we shall walk along Eternity's Road. Eternity's ever-transcending Goal is our heart's only choice.

You are at Annam Brahma. Annam Brahma means "Food is God." The human in us eats to live, just for the sake of remaining alive. The divine in us eats to live, so that it can realise, reveal and manifest God-Beauty and God-Love in all that we say, do and become.

O senior citizens, you are our wise pioneers. You are our beckoning lights. To you we devotedly offer what we have: love and concern. To us you lovingly offer what you have: blessing and compassion. Our love and concern and your blessing and compassion, both Mother Earth and Father Heaven shall eternally treasure.

O senior citizens, you are the glorious heights of our world family. To you we offer our service-trees. To you we offer our oneness-fruits.

SSD 3. On 18 January 1976, Annam Brahma restaurant hosted a vegetarian banquet for senior citizens from the Jamaica area. Each guest received a copy of the following message and a red rose from Sri Chinmoy.