Question: When will I be conscious of the guidance of the Supreme in all the acts of my life?

Sri Chinmoy: An aspirant will be constantly aware of the Supreme's guidance only when he is totally freed from ego. When he feels that he is not the doer, that he is not responsible for anything, but only God is responsible, at that time he will be constantly aware of the Supreme's guidance. That does not mean that he can go and steal or kill someone without being held responsible in the Eyes of the Supreme. It means that the Supreme is using him to fulfil His Will on earth.

When you feel that you yourself do not have any will, that God's Will is your will, when you merge your little ego or your human will into the infinite Will of the Supreme, you will see that you don't exist as a being separate from Him. You don't have individuality in the same way you did before. You don't have any sense of separativity. You are totally one with Him and His Will. When you think of something or do something, you automatically feel that a higher force, an inner force, is guiding you and speaking through you. You yourself will feel, when you are speaking to someone, that you are not talking. Somebody else, a divine force, or your own inner being, is speaking through you. When you are doing something, you will feel that your own divine personality is acting in and through your outer activities.

But first one has to efface the ego totally. There should be no ego. Also, there should be no attachment, even for what is spiritual. That is to say, if you get upset or frustrated because the infinite Light and infinite Truth are not coming to you all at once, this is a kind of attachment. You have to feel that at God's Hour, at the Hour of the Supreme, He will give you infinite Peace, Light and the highest realisation.

At every moment if you can surrender your entire personal will, you will feel the Supreme acting through you. If at times the human will, the human desire or the human ego comes forward, immediately throw them into the infinite Will of the Supreme. The very moment that you are aware of having thrown all that you have and all that you are into the infinite Light of the Supreme, you are bound to feel that you have become part and parcel of the Supreme's supreme Consciousness. At that time, each action of yours will be guided by the Supreme.

I wish to emphasise one thing. If you feel that the Supreme is to be achieved only for the sake of the Supreme, then it becomes very easy to conquer one's ego and one's attachment. Everything is easy for an aspirant when the aspirant can feel that the Supreme has to be won only for the sake of the Supreme. If you feel, "God for God's sake," then all problems will be solved. Then you will see, feel and be conscious of the Supreme's guidance at every moment in your life.