Question: Are all Gurus the same, or are there good ones and bad ones, like regular people?

Sri Chinmoy: It is a very difficult question. The Gurus say that they have realised something which others have not realised. Some Gurus have realised the Truth; some perhaps have not realised the Truth. If they have not realised the Truth, then naturally they are bad Gurus. If all the Gurus had realised God, then I could say that they are all good ones. But unfortunately, there are some Gurus who have not realised God, so how can we expect from them good things, divine things?

If somebody has not studied medicine and wants to practise medicine, if he has to operate on someone, naturally he is not going to cure the person. On the contrary, he will probably kill the patient. Here also, there are some Gurus who are not spiritual but who are practising so-called spirituality and offering advice to their disciples and to the world. Naturally they cannot be as good or as divine as those who have really realised God and who have been commissioned by God to help mankind.