Question: Sir, why is it that so many American people are following Indian Gurus?

Sri Chinmoy: The reason is very simple. They are not getting or they have not got from their priests and rabbis the things that they are getting from the Indian Gurus. Some Indian Gurus may be fakes, while some may be sincere. But one thing Americans are getting from the Indian Gurus, which unfortunately they are not getting from their churches or synagogues, and that is love, concern. The Indian Gurus I must defend here. Some of them may be real rogues, but they are showing their hearts, and this is what Americans need. American parents blame their children for not being affectionate. The parents complain that the children are not showing their love and affection to them. But the children also have the same problem: they are not getting enough love, affection and concern from their parents.

Americans have been to their churches, they have been to their priests. But they see something new in the Indian Gurus. The Indian Gurus, real Indian Gurus, will never speak ill of any Master or any path or any religion. If you go to church, then immediately you are caught or embraced by the Christian religion. If you follow Judaism, then immediately you are caught by Judaism. But if you follow Yoga, you are not caught; on the contrary, you get a tremendous sense of liberation and freedom. Yoga will not tell you that you cannot go to church or that you cannot speak to a priest. No, no! Yoga will say that it is not a religion at all; it is only a path.

Religion is just like a home. Immediately you will claim that your home is far better than my home and there will be no end to our quarrels. But Yoga is just a road. Everybody can walk along a road. Only a limited number of people can stay inside a house, let us say ten or twelve people. But every day thousands of people can walk along a road. Inside Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism, only a few people can stay. But Yoga is for everyone. So Americans have come to know that if they want freedom, if they need freedom, then Yoga is the answer and not any particular religion.