Question: What is God-realisation and how can you recognise it in somebody?

Sri Chinmoy: If somebody says that he is God-realised, how will he prove it? He won't prove it by having two big horns or any other physical characteristics. He will be able to prove to others that he has realised God by bringing down Peace, Light and Bliss from above in infinite measure. When you see a spiritual Master, he may have all kinds of physical defects. But you have to try to see and feel the consciousness in him. In his presence, if you feel that your consciousness is elevated, then you will know that he has realised some Truth, some Light, some Peace from above.

God-realisation means conscious oneness with God, and in this conscious oneness one feels complete satisfaction. God-realisation is complete inner satisfaction. But there is a need for complete satisfaction in the outer life as well. This satisfaction comes from God-manifestation. God-realisation will give satisfaction in the inner life, true. But when a spiritual Master has to deal with imperfect, impure people, then you cannot expect perfection. If the Master has realised God, then in his inner life he is perfect. But in his outer life also he has to become perfect. Since he has accepted disciples as members of his spiritual family, his outer perfection depends on the perfection of his disciples. So God-realisation is constant satisfaction in one's inner life and God-manifestation is constant satisfaction in one's outer life.