Question: Many people seem to have the idea that a spiritual Master shouldn't have any dislikes or likes. He should never feel happy or sad. He should never be sick or tired, or have a favourite food. But why shouldn't a Master be normal?

Sri Chinmoy: After a spiritual Master has attained God-realisation, if he wants to maintain likes and dislikes on the physical plane, he can do it. Likes and dislikes on the physical plane need not and cannot take away the realisation of a spiritual Master or prevent them from manifesting the Truth.

You ask why a Master should not act in a normal way. But who is normal here? To me, only spiritual people are normal. After God-realisation, we feel that only he who has realised God is normal. We are all abnormal people if we don't do the first thing first. In the spiritual life, God-realisation is the first thing and absolutely the normal thing to do.