Part II — Progress and spirituality

Question: How can I make the fastest progress?

Sri Chinmoy: First pray for gratitude. Pray to the Supreme for gratitude and offer gratitude to the Supreme. This is the first lesson. There are millions of people on earth who are not praying and meditating, but you have been given the inspiration to pray to the Supreme. So naturally you are grateful.

In some cases the disciples feel that they are not sincere, that they are not pure. But this only hinders their progress. When you think of sincerity, think of it in such a way that your mind does not get a chance to bring forward your insincerity. When you repeat, "I want to be sincere, I want to be sincere," this does not mean that all the insincere actions that you did yesterday must come forward. Use the positive side, "I want to be sincere, I want to be sincere," and offer your sincerity to the Supreme. Don't consciously think of insincerity or cherish insincere thoughts. While you are praying for sincerity, if they come, well and good. You will offer them to the Supreme. Otherwise, your prayer for sincerity has to become one with the light, since prayer itself is light, and that light will enter into you in the form of sincerity. Prayer is like a magnet bringing light, and that light will illumine your insincerity. But consciously if you think of your impurity and insincerity, then purity and sincerity will never visit you. If they come, they will be totally lost. Your prayer for purity, your prayer for sincerity is enough. Your prayer is bringing down light and that light will enter into your obscure vital and illumine you.