Question: How can I regain the spiritual height that I once achieved?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to feel that what you have lost is really something worth having. If you have lost something and you feel, "Oh, that thing that I have lost is not worth anything," then you will never get it back. Some people are so clever. They try to be happy by forgetting about what they have lost. But that is no good. If you forget about what you have lost, then you will not try to regain it. Only by running for it will you get it again. Again, it is not good to feel miserable all the time because you have lost something. But you do have to feel that the thing you have lost is very valuable.

If just for twenty-four hours you are repentant, then you will not get it back. You will only say, "I have lost it, I have lost it, I have lost it." You have lost it, that is true; but what are you doing to gain it back? It is easy for me to say that I have lost ten thousand dollars. But by repeating, "I have lost ten thousand dollars," I am not going to get back one cent. I have to work hard again in order to make ten thousand dollars.

Now I have lost my inner wealth, which to me was very significant, very important, very valuable. That very thing I want to get back again. And how do I get it? It is through aspiration. I have to work hard. If I work hard, my work itself is my aspiration. If I again aspire then I will get back my inner wealth and reach my highest standard.