Question: How can we avoid tension in our aspiration?

Sri Chinmoy: We can avoid tension in our aspiration if we know how to observe our life properly and wisely. On the one hand, we have to say that every moment is a golden opportunity. We have to feel that if we lose this moment, if we lose this golden opportunity, then we are going to lose everything in God's creation; there will be nothing left for us. We will be totally lost. That is why we won't waste any time. We have today, here and now, or nothing. We have to fight for the light immediately.

God-realisation is such a difficult thing. God-revelation is more difficult and God-manifestation is even more difficult. So the best thing is to be sincere and dedicated and to do everything unconditionally so that we can realise God. We have so many things to do. If we don't do the first thing first, then how shall we reveal God and manifest God?

But there is also another approach. We will do whatever we feel is best for our body, vital, mind, heart and soul. But at the same time we will keep in mind that Eternity is at our disposal. Our source is God, the Infinite, the Eternal. If God is eternal, then naturally we also are. Whatever God is, we also are. If God is dealing with Eternity, then we also have every right to deal with Eternity. If we are aware of our inner life, which is eternal, then there can be no tension. If we can't do something today, then we can do it tomorrow. Ours is not the eternal time of an idle fellow. We are seekers; we are praying, meditating and devoting our lives to God. We are doing our best. But we have to keep in mind that while we will do our very best, it is God who will fix the hour for us. This is the wise way to avoid tension. Every day we are doing our prayer and meditation, so now it is up to God to grant us realisation in His own way. Let God fix the hour for us. On our part, we shall do our very best every day.

Sri Chinmoy, Selfless service-light.First published by Agni Press in 1977.

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