Question: What is the supreme goal of the scientist?

Sri Chinmoy: You are a biologist. As a scientist, you should know that the supreme goal of the scientist is to discover life in everything. What a Yogi calls life, a scientist should also call life. The Yogi has discovered the truth that there is life in everything. When a machine is operating, there is a cosmic life-force operating in and through it. Science also sees life in everything, but it does not want to give life the credit. Science gets malicious pleasure by refusing to acknowledge this force as life. With its fertile brain science has created the machine, and inside the machine is the life-force. The scientist sees this force operating within the machine, he sees that the machine is working, but he does not want to call it life.

So, if the scientist wants to become the real son of God, then he has to find life in everything. This life is God's real Dream that is trying to manifest itself in everything. When the scientist discovers this force, he will enter into God's real Dream. At that time he will see that he has not actually discovered anything. Although the scientist may at first think that he is the discoverer of life, in truth, life itself is the discoverer of the scientist. Man's science is trying to create life, but that life is not the life we are talking about. The life we are talking about is the hidden cosmic force that the Yogi embodies in his inner life. The scientist has to discover that inner life-force. When he discovers it, he has to feel that this life is nothing but his own realisation. This should be the scientist's ultimate goal. In my translation of Lotus-Petals by Nolini, the great Indian savant, there is an article written many years ago, entitled "God and the Scientist." If you read that article, then you will get much information about the scientist's approach to the spiritual life and God.

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