Question: Does a person have to obtain a temporary suspension of his karma so that he can obtain worthy aspiration?

Sri Chinmoy: Spiritually it does not happen in that way. Suppose an individual has done something wrong. What will happen is that the cosmic forces, or the cosmic law, we can say, will offer him the results of his action. It may happen that something wrong has been done, but for five or six months – or even more – the result may be suspended. The karma is due, but for a few months or a few years the cosmic forces are observing the person and waiting for the appropriate opportunity. During that time if they see that he is trying to turn over a new leaf, if he is praying and meditating and leading a better life, then this karma may be reduced or even cancelled. It is not actually that the karmic debt is being suspended or cancelled. No, the forces are operating. The forces that are going to punish him or, we can say, offer him the result of his action, are still operating. But if the divine forces come to the fore in that particular person, they can fight against these forces of karma. The karmic forces have already started to act and the result is coming. But in the meantime the divine Compassion may begin to operate in and through that particular person. He may feel, "All right, I have done something wrong, but now I am doing something right to make up for it. I have the capacity to do something wrong, but I also have the capacity to do something right. Let me do it and earn God's Forgiveness." Then God's Forgiveness will fight against his karmic punishment.

If a spiritual Master is involved in the life of a particular seeker, then what can the Master do? If he sees that somebody is about to be punished for his wrong actions, if the spiritual Master wants to and if it is the Will of God, he can take the punishment on himself. He will not suffer as much as the seeker would have suffered. If he wants, he can immediately throw the pain or suffering into the Universal Consciousness. For my disciples I do this kind of thing.