Prayer and meditation

Prayer is man's soulful cry for God. Meditation is man's fruitful smile in God.

Prayer is personal, also universal. Meditation is impersonal, also transcendental.

Prayer is petition, also adoration. Meditation is absorption, also perfection.

Prayer needs God's Compassion-Shower. Meditation needs God's Illumination-Tower.

I pray for Immortality in mortality. I meditate on Infinity in Eternity.

Prayer is night crying for light. Meditation is light searching for delight.Prayer reminds us of our hidden sins. Meditation reminds us of our forgotten sun.

Through prayer God says, "My child, I am waiting for you. Come and see Me."

Through meditation God says, "My child, wait for Me. I am coming to see you."

Prayer is the purity that counts. Meditation is the luminosity that mounts.

My prayer-teacher shows me the beauty of soulfulness. My meditation-teacher blesses me with the duty of oneness.

Prayer soulfully reveals man's faith in God. Meditation smilingly reveals God's faith in man.

My God is mad because nowadays I do not pray either in the morning or in the evening. My God is sad because nowadays I do not meditate sleeplessly and unconditionally.

God? Who, you?
God? Who, he? No!
God? Who, I? No!
Who, then, is God? God is my prayer-purity's quest.
Who, then, is God? God is my meditation divinity's nest.