Part I

SSP 39-51. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions on 27 February 1989.

Question: Are there any particular birthdays in one's life that have more significance than the others, or do they all offer equal opportunity?

Sri Chinmoy: Usually each birthday has equal importance and offers us equal opportunity. But each year we have to see how much the mind is awakened, how much the heart is awakened, how much the vital is awakened and how much the physical consciousness is awakened. If the physical, the vital, the mind and the heart are more awakened on a particular birthday, then that particular birthday is much more significant.

Then, if there is a great person who has accomplished something, when his centenary comes — the first hundred years after his birth — it is such a significant thing. On his centenary, the earth-consciousness offers gratitude and joy to the person who has left behind him something exceptionally great for Mother Earth to cherish and also for Mother Earth to use to make further progress.

Again, each day you can consider as your birthday. Every morning if you can most soulfully renew your promise to God to please God in God's own Way, to fulfil God in God's own Way, then it will be the re-awakening of your life. That reawakening is like a birthday because new life has come in.