Question: When will mankind have a birthday?

Sri Chinmoy: When ten people meet together, we can call it mankind. Let us say there are ten undivine people. Out of ten, if one of them becomes divine, then there is a great possibility for the other nine to become divine. So that is mankind’s birthday. It is not that all ten will become divine overnight. First you can become fully aware of God’s Compassion, Love and Light. Then somebody else and somebody else. In the process of time, today you may become fully awakened, tomorrow somebody else, the day after tomorrow a third party and so on. If thousands of people become fully awakened today or tomorrow, if thousands of people open themselves to God’s Light, then definitely God’s Love and God’s Delight will descend on earth. The entire earth-consciousness will be inundated. So each individual has to make a conscious effort to become God’s choice instrument. Today you become God’s choice instrument, tomorrow somebody else will become His choice instrument. It is not like instant coffee or tea, no. But with our sincere and conscious effort we can expedite God’s Hour.