Question: How close a connection does a helpless baby keep with the Source?

Sri Chinmoy: The individual does not keep a connection mentally. But the soul itself, although it is inside a little body, can keep a very close, direct connection with God. God has given the soul ample inner light to communicate with Him. Because of its connection with God, the soul is the most powerful member of the inner family. But when it becomes one with the body, vital, mind and heart, the soul pretends to be helpless. At any moment the soul bird can easily fly out of the cage if God wants to take it. But while the bird is inside the cage, it has to deal with the body, vital, mind and heart by pleading and pleading and pleading.

When the body is only two, three or four years old, the soul's connection with God is always strongest. Because children do not have minds, it is very easy for them to keep direct contact with God. But when they grow up and start developing and using the mind, it is much more difficult. Also, children get extra attention just because they are children. God gives special Concentration, Blessings and Love to the souls of children.