Curing typhoid fever

My sister Lily once had a very serious type of typhoid fever. The village doctor, who was our family doctor, tried to cure her, but he was not successful. As you know, my mother did not believe in doctors, and she said that prayer was the only answer.

Then my mother went to one of our relatives who used to be a doctor. He had given up his profession to become a sannyasin because he believed that traditional medicine was useless. He felt that one had to go to the real doctor, and the only real doctor is God. My mother said, “Since he has had the realisation that the real doctor is God, and he has given up his medical practice, I will bring him to see my Rani.”

When the relative came, what did he do? He only placed his hand on my sister’s head and started massaging it. The sickness left my sister. This is how the doctor who became a spiritual man was the one to cure my sister, and not our family doctor.