Tragic consequences

My eldest maternal uncle, Ambika Charan Biswas, felt so miserable because our bank had been robbed by a close relative. He was my father’s greatest friend and admirer. He was so fond of our family. All our requests he used to fulfil. My father was also extremely fond of him.

This uncle thought that because such a large amount of money had been stolen, my father would become poor. My father tried to reassure him by saying that he had money invested in other banks and also that he had lots of property.

But my uncle eventually became insane because he had such affection for the members of our family. He finally committed suicide by jumping under a train. My mother was thin and weak, but when she heard of her brother’s tragic death, it was such a shock that she practically turned a somersault in the air. That day such spirit entered into my mother. Her grief gave her the energy of a three-year-old. How bitterly she cried! She and her brother had been so close to each other. What kind of suffering she went through because of her dearest brother’s tragic death!