Part III — My mother's passing

"You are more important"

My mother died of goitre, a big tumour on the left side of her neck. In America goitre is not at all a serious disease, but in a poor Indian village, what could we do? My mother suffered for three long years.

One incident is so vivid to me. Both my father and mother were bedridden. The two patients were staying in separate rooms. When the doctor came, my mother wanted my father to be treated first, and my father wanted my mother to be treated first.

My mother said to the doctor, “Please go and cure him. I am insignificant.”

But my father said, “If I die, nothing will happen. I am not needed. If I die, my wife will take care of the children. But if she dies, the whole family will collapse. So please go and take care of her.”

Both said that the other one was much more important. Finally my father won and commanded the doctor to take care of my mother first since my mother’s case was more serious. The doctor was like a member of the family, very close to us.

So many doctors treated my mother. My father had only one or two doctors, but my mother had doctor after doctor. My father lived to be 62, but my mother never reached 50. My mother died only one year after my father. This is the proof of their deep soul’s connection. Both of them had been related to me in my past incarnations.