The day of my mother's passing

On the day of my mother's passing, I was at my maternal uncle's house, five and a half miles away from our house. Early in the morning, my mother said, "This morning I am leaving the body. Where has Madal gone? Send for him." Then a cousin of mine came to give me the message. My cousin knocked at my uncle's door and said that my mother was dying. I had known that her case was serious, but now she was dying.

As soon as I got the message, I started running. Right from the start, tears were running down my cheeks because I was afraid I would not see my mother's last breath. Finally I reached our house and went into her room. My mother's life could be measured in minutes. She was unable to speak, but as soon as I was at her side, she took my right hand very gently. She could not lift my hand, but she held my hand and then she placed my hand in my eldest brother's hand. That meant she was telling my eldest brother to take responsibility for my life.

My eldest brother said, "Yes, I will take responsibility."

Then my mother gave me a smile, her last smile, and in a few seconds she passed away.