Part IV — Blessings from the soul's world

My mother's visits

From the soul’s world, my physical father comes to me only rarely, on very significant occasions. My mother comes on every occasion — for every little thing. If I have a toothache or high fever, my mother will come. She has a very free access. No matter what mood I am in, she comes. She comes with good news, bad news, sad news, any news — just for a chat. Sometimes she comes many times in one day. She will come God knows how many times — seventy or a hundred times a year, or even more. But my father comes only on rare occasions — perhaps five or six times a year. At those times he stands before me full of compassion and concern.

Once after I was speaking to some of my disciples, both my mother and father came to me from the soul’s world. My mother said, “Yes, you are their real father. On the one hand, you show them affection and love and, on the other hand, you are quite strict.”