Encouragement from the soul's world

The morning that I lifted 360 pounds with one arm for the first time, my mother’s soul came. My eyes were wide open, and she was facing me. As I was lifting the weight, she was watching me very seriously, not fearfully, but with such seriousness. Was I lifting the weight, or was I only looking at my mother? I did not know if she was happy or displeased.

On the fourth attempt — which was my best lift — I saw both my father and my mother even before I had started concentrating. This time, my mother was smiling and my father looked very serious. Then they both proudly left.

I never do five lifts in the morning; it is always four. But today, after the fourth lift, I was so happy that I wanted to do another one. O God, I couldn’t do it! This time, my mother and father had gone away.

If you see this kind of thing — father and mother — how can you concentrate? You get such joy, it either ruins your concentration or you get extra energy.