Our Little Dog Kanu

On December 23rd, 1992, our little dog Kanu left the body. My students and I, especially Ranjana, were all plunged into a sea of grief. Ranjana's affection for Kanu and Kanu's affection for her can only be imagined and never be described. I had such a hard time giving her the message about Kanu's death. It took me a very, very long time to prepare myself to give her the news. With greatest difficulty I consoled her. I thought that she would be happy if Kanu took a human incarnation instead of going back to the animal world. I thought I would speak to the Supreme to grant him a human incarnation, but she cried and said, "No, I don't want my Kanu to have the same type of experiences that we are seeing in human life — insecurity, jealousy and all undivine qualities. I want him to remain in the soul's world."

At that moment my mother's soul came. My mother said, "Don't worry. You know how much affection and love I have for your Ranjana. I will do it for her. I will keep your Kanu with me." With boundless affection and fondness she came and took the little soul.

In the soul's world Kanu looks quite different from his last days on earth. He is no longer sick. In size now he is three times as big and ten times as restless. He has so much life-energy. At first my mother used a blue leash to make sure that he did not run away. After some time, she did not have to use the leash anymore. He has become very devoted to my mother and to the other members of my family who are in the soul's world. My mother has got a really priceless possession.

Whenever my mother's soul comes to visit me, she brings Kanu, and I see him lying on the couch or on my lap exactly the way he used to do while he was with us.

We shall all die one day, but the sweet memories of our dear ones will make our minds pure, our hearts beautiful and our lives divine.