Yesterday I knew how to multiply necessities. Today I know how to minimise necessities.

Yesterday necessity was my great friend. Today simplicity is my good friend.

Yesterday my desire-necessity made me the obscure man. Today my aspiration-necessity has made me the obvious angel.

God's Compassion-Height was my yesterday's necessity. God's Justice-Light is my today's necessity.

Yesterday my earth-desiring necessities appreciated God the indulgent Grandfather. Today my Heaven-longing necessities admire God the disciplinary Father.

Three wise necessities in the spiritual life: God-Compassion, God-Protection, God-Satisfaction.

Two wiser necessities: God-Protection and God-Satisfaction.

One wisest necessity: God-Satisfaction.

God's Necessity was man's divine aspiration.

God's Necessity is man's supreme realisation.

God's Necessity will be man's total and perfect Perfection.