Human surrender, divine surrender

Divine surrender to God’s Will is a dedicated surrender, devoted surrender, loving surrender and unconditional surrender. In spiritual surrender there is no compulsion. It is our inner urge that compels us to reach the highest height. In human surrender we notice tremendous force because we feel that we are under compulsion to offer our surrender to our superior, to our boss. We know that our existence here on earth is the existence of imperfection, limitation and bondage. But we have another existence all our own which is perfection, plenitude and infinity. There we are divine.

It is like the top and the foot of a tree. At the foot we are imperfect, we are not what we want to be; but at the top we can and will be what we want to be. At the foot we are undivine, quarrelling and fighting and acting like animals. But there at the top of the tree is boundless harmony, the feeling of oneness, ecstasy, peace and light. So when we consciously give our lower existence to our higher existence, it is the surrender of oneness. This surrender we make to our own highest height; we offer our dedicated life to the highest Supreme, who is our very own. We offer our various limitations to our own perfections. We do not feel sorry, embarrassed or ashamed. We surrender one place which is our possession, to another place which is also our possession.

When we offer our devoted and unconditional surrender to the Will of the Supreme, we feel that we have become true, chosen and perfect instruments of the Supreme. At this time the Supreme manifests Himself in and through us in His own Way.

Sri Chinmoy, Surrender's unlimited power, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1974