Understanding the Master

Some disciples feel that they have infinitely larger hearts than the Master because at times the Master can appear to be very rude. God wants the Master to give an experience to an individual because by giving that experience, God will be able to bring that person away from the physical and closer to Him on the inner plane. Outwardly the Master may be totally indifferent to the disciple; he may be extremely rude and the disciple may misunderstand him. But the Master knows God’s Will; God’s way of operating need not be like our own. God may tell the Master not to look at a person for some time because then he will examine himself to see what is wrong.

In the case of Vivekananda, how Sri Ramakrishna neglected him for months. He did this because he had got the message from Mother Kali to watch Vivekananda and examine him. If Vivekananda knew this, he learned it from within. He did not act like an ordinary man who says, “You don’t care for me, so I also don’t care for you.” He made unconditional surrender to Ramakrishna’s will. Whether or not Ramakrishna smiled at him and showed him affection, gave him sweetmeats or totally ignored him, Vivekananda went to him again and again. This was real surrender.

Sri Chinmoy, Surrender's unlimited power, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1974