The Will of the Supreme

Unconditional surrender is meant for those who are going to be totally one with God. There are millions and billions of people on earth, but only a few have made unconditional surrender to God. Unconditionally surrendered people will always feel that their illumined part knows far more than their unillumined part. They have made unconditional surrender to their soul or to the Supreme in their Master, who wants only the best for them.

One can surrender conditionally: “I have given You everything, my Lord; You should also give me something in return.” This can happen and it happens very often. But when there is unconditional surrender, at that time there is no expectation: “I have given You what I have, O Lord; take it, without any condition. You don’t have to smile at me, You don’t have to bring down Your Grace, You don’t have to give me Your Light. Nothing of the sort! Whatever You want to do with Your Peace, Light, Bliss and Power You do. My only business is to make unconditional surrender to You, O Lord.”

If one can make this kind of surrender, then he is bound to get constant inner peace, inner joy. He will feel the outer world inside his very heart, not around or in front of him. The aspirant will feel that the outer world is progressing towards a better life, a more fulfilling life, because of his own aspiration. Here, his aspiration is not based on ego; it is founded upon God’s Will. As he makes progress, so also, whatever is inside him has to make progress. An aspirant will feel that his progress means the progress of the entire world. This is what one can see in the field of manifestation when he can make the highest unconditional surrender to the Inner Pilot, to the Supreme.

When surrender is complete, unconditional and permanent, at that time we become one with Reality, the Reality that we have been crying and searching for.

When we become one with Reality, we gain a new eye. This new eye enables us to see God and man as eternal partners, as two equals. Gradually this vision transcends itself and in its transcendence the seeker realises that he has always been what God eternally is.

It is not an easy matter for a beginning seeker to know God’s Will. Suppose we are in a boat and someone is drowning. If we are very advanced, it takes us just a fleeting second to know whether it is God’s Will for the drowning person to have this experience or whether a hostile attack has caused him to fall from the boat. But if we are not an advanced seeker, it may take us three hours to go within and discover whether God wants this person to be saved; in the meantime, the person will drown. If we are on the shore, one part of us will tell us to go and help. Another part is very clever. With a tremendous sense of reluctance it says, “Who knows, the weather is very bad, the waves are high. Perhaps I will also be drowned. So the best thing is for me not to go.” We are very clever people. Everything we do we can justify. Even if we do everything wrong we can justify ourselves.

God will be truly pleased only if we fulfil His Will. But for most of us, according to our standard right now, we know that if somebody is dying, we should go and help. Here we have the greatest opportunity to use our own discretion. We should save the drowning person; God will not blame us for interfering with His Will.

If it is a serious matter and we have a spiritual Master, we need not wait to know the Will of the Supreme because our Master will be able to tell us immediately. Otherwise, if we wait for a month or two or three months in order to know the Will of the Supreme, by that time many wrong forces may enter into us. Suppose we wait for just sixteen days to go deep within and to know. Today we are trying to dig a little and go deep within, but tomorrow the forces around us will not allow us to concentrate on that particular matter at all. We are most sincere today, but we do not get the actual answer from within. So it is always better, with a very serious matter, to ask our Master. Then we will get the immediate result.

The next step is to have faith in the Master’s decision, to feel that this is what God wants. Otherwise, what is the use of having a real Master if we have to wait all the time to know the Will of the Supreme on our own? Those who do not have a true spiritual Master will naturally have to wait; there is no other way for them. But a Master’s disciples have the greatest advantage because the Master can tell them what God’s Will is. It is not that the Master tells his disciples the right thing and then his part is over. Far from it! If the Master sees that the disciple has listened to his will and then tries to follow it, he puts out a tremendous force. But if he sees that the person has listened to what the divine Will is but is gladly allowing the vital or the mind to come to their own decision, it may take at least two months or three months. At that time the Master does not take sides.

Sri Chinmoy, Surrender's unlimited power, Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse, New York, 1974