Editor's preface

On the morning of his 67th birthday, 27 August 1998, Sri Chinmoy wrote a series of nine short poems entitled, "Please Do Not Forget." Later that same day, Narada Michael Walden arrived in New York to attend Sri Chinmoy's birthday celebration. He was so deeply moved and inspired by these poems that he spontaneously set them to music and recorded them, together with Premik Tubbs. On the recording, Narada sings "Please Do Not Forget" and plays the synthesizer, while Premik improvises on Western flute.

With his boundless energy and enthusiasm, plus his unparalleled musical genius, Narada taught the song to his dearest brother, Sudhahota Carl Lewis, and together they sang it as a birthday gift for Sri Chinmoy that same evening, accompanied by Premik. Their most soul-stirring rendering of these significant words received a standing ovation from Sri Chinmoy and the audience of more than one thousand of his students from around the world — and made the words "Please Do Not Forget" truly unforgettable in our hearts and minds.