Coffee and fever11

This morning [in Beppu, Japan], I woke up with a 105-degree fever. With greatest difficulty I opened my eyes, but then I could not see anything. So instead of participating in our running race, I walked to the 24-hour eating place and ordered coffee and eggs. The menu is in Japanese, but they have pictures of all the different dishes, so you can just point to the picture of what you want to eat.

Then Vijali came in and I had a long talk with her about Trinidad and Tobago and other countries in the Caribbean where she gives talks.

While I was walking back to the hotel, again everything seemed to be turning white. My fever and pain were killing me and I was finding it very hard to see anything.

It is extremely difficult to climb up the aspiration-tree, but the fever-tree one can climb up very easily. The aspiration-flame-tree is difficult to climb up, but the temperature-fire-tree is easy.

TCE 18. 24 December 1985