No tea during Ramadan18

Today, here in Kuala Lumpur, I had a long meeting with the King of Malaysia. He was formerly the Sultan whom I met with nine or ten years ago. This time also he was extremely, extremely kind to me. He was asking me what kind of rituals we have. I told him that ours is the way of prayers and meditations. Then I deeply appreciated and admired him for observing Ramadan.

During this holy month, followers of the Muslim religion bring down Allah’s Grace. During the whole year they pray to Allah, but specially this month, Allah’s boundless Bounty, Compassion and Love He gives to His children.

Here the outer starvation and the inner feast go together. Outwardly Muslims fast, but inwardly Allah blesses them with His boundless Affection, Joy and pride. This is the inner feast.

I told the King that I am a Hindu, but I have the deepest appreciation for Ramadan and I have the deepest admiration for all those who make this solemn sacrifice for Allah with their love, adoration and devotion.

His Majesty was very moved. Then he told me that he was extremely sorry that he could not entertain us, even with a cup of tea, during this fasting month.

I said to him, “Your blessings are the most important most delicious and most significant feast for us.”

Then he was very, very happy.

A non-seeker drinks coffee
To keep awake,
A seeker drinks consciousness-light
To keep awake.

TCE 25. 30 December 1998