No fish, no tea20

This time, for my flight to Munster, Germany, I told Ashrita not to book a vegetarian meal for me because the food is always inedible. So when it came time for the meal to be served, the stewardess asked me, “Do you want chicken or fish?”

Of the two, I had to choose. I said, “Fish.” Then she put a plate in front of me with a small piece of fish and a salad. I removed the fish and began eating the salad. Alas, it was all leaves! There was nothing inside. There were also a few small cookies on the tray.

In the meantime, they asked if I wanted juice. Once I took juice and once I took ginger ale. Then the meal was finished! So many times they asked if I wanted tea, but I was a saint. I did not take tea or coffee. I have to honour the promise that I made to my sister Ahana when I was returning from Pondicherry in June this year.

TCE 28. 8 August 1999