Coffee this side, water that side

This incident took place during my recent visit to India. I was at the Madras Airport waiting for my plane to New York. The plane was leaving at three o’clock and I went there at eleven o’clock. I was very, very thirsty. I saw at a distance there was a coffee stand. But I have made a promise to my sister Ahana that I will not drink coffee.

At that moment, I saw my sister vividly in the inner world. She said to me, “There is a stand on the other side that sells water and other things.”

I said to her, “I cannot see it. I only see the coffee stand and there it is written ‘coffee’.” I did not notice that on the other side of the coffee stand they sold water and potato chips. I did not see anything. So in the inner world, I was arguing with my sister. She passed away in 1950, in the month of July. She was saying to me, “Go that side.”

Finally, I went that side and I saw that she was right. There I was able to buy water. Potato chips I did not get. Then I drank the water and I was happy.