Only coffee for Raisa Maximovna28

In 1998 I invited President Gorbachev and Raisa Maximovna to eat with me. They were visiting New York and they were staying at the Waldorf Astoria. So our meeting took place at that hotel, in one of the suites.

The President was eating our Indian food from “Curry in a Hurry”, but Raisa Maximovna only wanted to have a little coffee because she was feeling airsick. They had been travelling for so many days.

The coffee was inside the coffee pot but, poor me, I did not know how to open it. Raisa Maximovna was also trying, but she could not open it.

Then Sagar tried. He was our interpreter. He also could not open it in the beginning. Then he was successful and he served both Raisa Maximovna and the President.

TCE 37. 31 May 2004