A brilliant mind he had, so everything he had to analyse. Mind was the last word for him. He felt that his sister and his brother were fools since they did not use their minds. They used their credulous hearts and this pained him tremendously. He felt from within that he could be his own saviour; there was no need of an outer agent to save his life. But strangely enough, there had been many occasions when he, the victim, could not help himself. His sister and brother’s Master, whose path he followed for a short while, helped him considerably to get out of his mind-desire and vital-jungle. His sister and brother’s Master had always kept his heart’s door wide open to him, both in the inner world and in the outer world, for the Master had a special preference for this boy with the young, brilliant mind. But the boy left because he had something else to do, other than what his sister and brother were doing.