Question: Are all the disciples connected together in some form?

Sri Chinmoy: Among the disciples there are many souls who were previously together, so in this incarnation they have again established an inner oneness. Suppose you have established an inner oneness with five or ten or fifteen people. Their good thoughts and bad thoughts will then affect you more than they will inspire or affect others.

I definitely know that there are a few group souls among my disciples. They may not be only here, but also in San Francisco or Canada or in other Centres. It does not have to be here, for in the inner world there is no separation. Sometimes these souls have similar dreams, but on different planes. For instance, you may have a dream on a particular branch of the reality-tree and on a different branch another person will have the same dream. Then the following day you may forget the dream, but you will have such good feelings for that person. Perhaps when you are on the street or at work, that person will flow before your mind, although you were not thinking of him at all.