Question: How can we become more spontaneous instruments in manifesting your light with other disciples?

Sri Chinmoy: With disciples you can feel that they are all members of your family. If they are members of your family, then you don’t have to worry. Suppose someone is your brother. He may misunderstand you, but the next moment he will forgive you. You should think of yourself as a child and your brothers and sisters as children. Do not think that they are forty years, fifty years or sixty years old and you are twenty-five. When you speak to them, think that you are four years old and they are also four years old. Feel that they are of your standard. In terms of sincerity, simplicity, purity and other divine qualities, they are of your standard. They may have achieved many things in the outer plane that you have not achieved, but since you want to be spiritual and they want to be spiritual, then there is a common ground. You want to approach them with spirituality; they want to approach you with spirituality. In this way automatically you will become spontaneous.