Question: How does one surrender oneself?

Sri Chinmoy: Please try to remember that there are two types of surrender. One type of surrender, the type that you are familiar with, is that of the slave to his master. The slave is at the feet of the master. He has no existence of his own. Whatever the master commands, immediately the slave has to do; otherwise the master will punish him. The master is usually rude, unkind and ruthless.

But in the other type of surrender, spiritual surrender, you are surrendering your own lower existence to your higher existence. You can think of your feet as your lower existence and you can think of your head as your higher existence. You know that your feet belong to you and also your head belongs to you. You can criticise your feet and say, “My feet do not have the wisdom that my head has.” Again, let us take the example of the heart. The heart has all wisdom. You can take your feet and place them right inside your heart. When you place your own feet right inside your heart, when you place the lowest inside the highest, then the lowest becomes one with the highest and receives all the divine qualities of the highest in boundless measure.