Question: When I fell asleep, I heard a voice calling, "Ma". Where did it come from?

Sri Chinmoy: Your inner cry is telling your outer being to be more conscious. In your day-to-day, multifarious activities, you are praying and meditating well, but you can be more conscious, divinely and spiritually conscious, in all your activities. That is the inner cry and you heard it with your physical ears. You know the inner cry is telling your outer being to be more alert, more devoted at every moment. Sometimes in the ideal world, you are ready to do everything for the world, for the manifestation. But if you do not establish your security and purity in each thought, then there will be a yawning gulf between your inner cry and the outer activities. So the inner cry comes forward. I am telling you that each thing you do every day has to be guided by that inner cry. Your inner cry must regulate your outer life. You have to feel that my life can manifest your inner cry. Take it that this child is making an inner cry and not a human cry. At every moment be conscious of what your ideal is, what your aim is. The Goal is your eternal friend.