Question: How can I conquer sleep?

Sri Chinmoy: Your body needs six or seven or eight or ten hours of sleep a night. If you try to conquer sleep when your body needs sleep, you will become insane. If you sleep when the body does not need sleep, then you are doing something wrong. Right now the body needs seven hours of sleep. If the body needs seven hours sleep and you don’t give your body rest for seven hours, then you are committing a crime. You are going from one extreme to another extreme. After a few years when you are far advanced spiritually and you don’t need sleep, then it will be a different matter. At that time if you don’t need sleep and you do sleep, then it will be wrong for you. But right now your body needs sleep. What the body needs you have to give. Sleep helps considerably to take all anxieties and worries away so that you can have a fresh start the following day. Right now, don’t try to conquer sleep.