Question: Isn't there a need to please God before pleasing oneself?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, that is true, once you begin to care whether you are pleasing God or not and what God wants you to do. When you please God in God's own Way, immediately you have played your part. When you have done something for God in God's own Way, your heart will expand to such an extent that you will be able to see all your friends, even your so-called enemies, inside your own heart. But if you please God in your own way, the divine satisfaction will not be found inside your heart. When you try to please God in your own way you may deceive yourself into feeling that you have pleased God, but actually you have pleased only your ego. When you please your own ego you will not really be able to please anyone else on earth. But if you please God divinely, you will see satisfaction even in your worst enemy.