The reality of the inner world

When I sing or play instruments, no matter how badly I play or sing, no matter how many mistakes I make, my realisation remains the same. When I play, some disciples inwardly laugh and others just fall asleep. But you have to know that whenever I do anything in the outer world, quite a few things happen in the inner world. Each time I do something significant for humanity, the cosmic gods and spiritual Masters of the highest order come to appreciate it. I am their brother; I am one with them. When I do something, they come and garland me.

But what am I going to do with the human beings who are living in the world of insecurity, impurity and jealousy? Shall I take them as the reality and the inner world as the dream? Or shall I take them as the dream and the inner world as the reality? The inner world is much more real to me. When I look at you, I see inside you the Supreme, and also I see your human imperfection. I see the real inside you and, at the same time, something else which is not real. I see the divine and the human. Within each human being, it is the same Supreme, but in the outer expression it is totally different.