Question: How can we treat our brothers and sisters with a more spiritually encompassing heart?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us simplify this question. How can we show our affection, love and concern and become one with our spiritual brothers and sisters? We have to know at this point that we are all students. Each day that we pray and meditate, we are learning more from the Supreme. He is teaching us every day, every hour, every minute how to become kind, affectionate, loving, illumining and fulfilling.

As soon as we learn something from the Supreme, immediately our inner beings try to share this knowledge with others. We call them “others” because we have not yet established our oneness with them. When we pray and meditate, we gain something. If we share that very thing with others, then it immediately increases. The more we share our earthly knowledge, the more we gain. And Heavenly knowledge, which is wisdom and oneness, increases in infinite measure when we share it. With one light, with one lamp, we can ignite another lamp. With one flame, we can ignite two flames or three flames. This is one way to become one with our sisters and brothers.

Another way is to bring to the fore the entire knowledge-sun, the entire wisdom-sun from within. Then automatically we will see each of our spiritual brothers and sisters as a flame inside the sun. Again, each flame embodies another sun. The sun itself embodies countless flames and, at the same time, inside each flame a new sun is dawning.

When we look at our spiritual brothers and sisters, we have to see them as an exact prototype of our own life, our own reality. We have to feel that there are two bodies but only one Goal and one Source. We have to remind ourselves at every moment of the Goal and of the Source where we came from and where we will one day return. If we can remember that, then automatically we will be kinder, more loving, more affectionate, more illumining and more fulfilling.

You play the viola; you also play other instruments. While playing, if you see that one string is not functioning well, what do you do? You fix it. Your concentration is not only on one string, but on all the strings. If one string creates problems for you, then you cannot play well. Similarly, try to feel that each of your spiritual brothers and sisters is a string inside your heart.

The viola that you play is the outer reality. But there is also an inner reality, an inner viola which you are playing every day, every hour, every minute. The strings of this instrument are sincerity, simplicity, humility, purity and divinity. When you think of yourself, think that you are that particular instrument, and your strings are sincerity, humility, purity, divinity and so forth. If sincerity goes away, if sincerity is not functioning, then the whole instrument is useless. If the purity-string is not functioning, then your inner music will be ruined. You have to keep all the strings in perfect order. If you can keep them in perfect order, then only will you have satisfaction. If you can keep them in proper shape, you can have one family, one consciousness, one reality, one soul and one goal.