Dealing with wrong forces

Sometimes wrong forces attack the disciples because the disciples have done quite a few things wrong. When the forces attack them, they suffer. Then they ask for an interview. They feel that if I talk to them, it will be all over. But I have observed inwardly why they are suffering. I know that if I give them outer attention, their suffering will become worse. It has often been my experience with the wrong forces that as soon as they see love and compassion in the outer world, they attack more violently. When these forces see me coming with love, concern and affection on the outer plane, they attack most powerfully because they are most powerfully threatened. It is like a last effort. Their attack is so powerful that the victim identifies with it and surrenders to them. Then he becomes an instrument of the wrong forces and his depression and frustration increase. It has happened many times. When the depressed person asks for an interview, I don’t give it because I know what the consequences will be. I know he is suffering, but I must not feed the destructive aspect. This is why very often I deal with the disciples only in the inner world — with utmost compassion, love and concern. Although I may appear to ignore you in the outer world, you have to know that I am not ignoring you in the inner world.

When depression and frustration loom large in your life, if you want to receive my light, you have to bring some receptivity. You will be able to receive my cure according to your receptivity. What is your receptivity? Your receptivity is your cheerfulness. You have no receptivity when you are depressed, so there is nothing that can be done outwardly. If a patient is dead, what can the doctor do? No matter how many injections the doctor gives him, the patient cannot be cured. Only when there is a little life-energy left is there some hope. If the patient starts with a little cheerfulness, which is spiritual life-energy, then your Guru-doctor will be able to feed that cheerfulness immediately. Even if you have been suffering for a long time, if you come to me with cheerfulness, I can cure your suffering. Your cheerfulness is the bud that will blossom. But if there is no bud, then how can you eventually have a flower? So you have to come with receptivity. If you show inner cheerfulness, then I am ready to help you outwardly as well as inwardly. But without your cheerfulness, the minute I try outwardly to help you, that same minute I will fail and your depression will become infinitely worse. So you must bring some cheerfulness to save yourself.

Outwardly, I try so many times to please the disciples in their own way, so that they will also please me in my own way. If I please them ten times in their own way, I feel that they should try to please me at least once in my own way. But human desire knows no end. The more I try to please them, the more they compel me to please them. I feel that they should at least act like gentlemen: If I please them ten times, then they should please me at least once. But they want to please ignorance instead and they don’t please me even one time. If they did please me, they would be able to open up to light, to compassion and to delight. But instead, the disciples say, “You have not given me an interview. You are not pleasing me. You are doing many things wrong. You smiled at someone else and made me jealous. You do something wrong and make me suffer and then you just watch. You just sit there painting or playing the flute. You are fooling us and you won’t fulfil any of our needs.” When the disciples feel this, then what can I do? I am helpless.