Part II — Fear of the inner life

Question: What is the best way to bring my consciousness to a stage where there is no fear?

Sri Chinmoy: One way to conquer fear is through the expansion of your consciousness. You are not afraid of your hand, your leg or your eye. Your consciousness pervades you from the sole of your foot to the crown of your head. You feel that these parts are yours, and that is why you are not afraid of them. But if you are afraid of someone who is beside you, around or near you, it is because you have not enlarged your consciousness to include them. I am not afraid of any of my limbs because they are mine. I claim them as my very own. But when we go beyond our own boundaries and do not want to enlarge or expand our consciousness, we feel that we are alienated and that everybody is a stranger to us. So when we practise Yoga, we try to enlarge our consciousness until the time comes when our consciousness pervades the length and breadth of the world. With our conscious awareness, we become one, totally one, with the universe. When we become consciously one with the universe, there can be no fear.