Question: The other day I saw you and it looked like many forces were attacking you.

Sri Chinmoy: That was on a Thursday. The destructive forces were attacking me even before they had touched the physical. They touched the physical before they actually entered the physical plane. And today, after so many days, the forces finally entered the physical.

I am not trying to frighten you or threaten you, but you have to be aware of these things. These hostile forces can exist on the mental plane, and then all of a sudden, the vital plane and the physical plane become the victims. At that time, total destruction takes place. Right now, the Supreme and I are using tremendous power to fight these forces. Otherwise, God knows how many disciples would find their aspiration falling like anything. You can see that this happens from time to time. I have to explain all this to you, or total destruction could take place. Either you will fall like anything or you will get protection from me to the end of your life. Either destruction or perfection will take place this year (1972).