Question: Databir and I played a lot together when you were in Bali and I noticed that every time we played one person was dominant right from the beginning. Why did this happen?

What was happening was that one of you was bringing your dormant determination very powerfully to the fore. Let us say that right from the beginning you are playing very well. Although you have not invoked your determination-power, spontaneously it is coming to the fore. Sometimes it takes such great effort to bring the capacity you have inside you to the fore, and sometimes it spontaneously comes forward and becomes part and parcel of your life.

It is as if you have something inside a box. Sometimes that thing wants to enjoy sleep and sometimes it wants to come out of the box. You may not even be asking it to come out of the box, but it is eager to come out. So when you started playing very well, you may not have been consciously mustering your determination, but God wanted to express this kind of determination in and through you.