Question: In a match when you see a ball you know you can put away, how do you use dynamic power instead of the aggressive vital?

Many times there is more than one way to get a point. One way is the way of the aggressive vital. You are fighting, fighting, fighting. Then, all of a sudden your opponent is at your mercy, so you hit the ball very hard and win the point. It is like two bulls fighting: one is at a disadvantage and the other just destroys him.

The other way is to use a simple, delicate touch — a drop shot or some other stroke. If you use a delicate touch, then you will see how much the spectators will appreciate your skill. More people will appreciate you if you use a delicate touch, and you will get the point either way. This is what McEnroe often does. He can easily strike the ball very hard, but when he just delicately drops the ball near the net, people immediately feel that he is a superior player. They say, "Look, the other player is at his mercy, but he is showing compassion."