Part II: Questions and answers

PTED 2-20. Sri Chinmoy answered these questions about tennis at Aspiration-Ground, his tennis court and meditation park, on 9 July, 1988.

Question: Do you root for a tennis player to actually win a match or doesn't it matter to you whether someone wins or not?

The divine in me immediately takes the side of the divine and says, "Whoever God wants to win is the person I also want to win." But the human in me sees the good qualities or the divinity in the two players and immediately takes the side of the one who is the most divine or who has the most good qualities. In every case the human in me is hoping for the manifestation of the divine victory. In fact, my whole life is dedicated to working for the divine victory and increasing the divine in human beings. So I always want the victory of the best instruments of God — whether it is in weightlifting, body-building, tennis or any other field of endeavour.

Again, you have to know that this is only my simple, childish wish — just as when you say, "How I wish so and so would win!" In no way am I using my will-power in order to help someone win. If an individual loses in spite of my good wishes, I don't feel at all sad. The divine in me, which has already taken the side of the divine, says, "Let Thy Will be done." So I am happy that God's Will has been fulfilled.