Question: How can we get will-power from determination?

Sri Chinmoy: First a child learns how to crawl. Then he can walk, and eventually he can run the fastest. While the child is at the crawling stage, he never thinks of running the fastest. It is impossible for him. But through a natural process he grows up, and eventually he starts running. By natural, continuous progress he gets more and more capacity until he is in a position to run. Similarly, if you have determination and you continue to make inner progress, then one day you will be able to develop will-power.

The best way to develop will-power is through union with God’s Will. Daily there may be many unpleasant happenings in your life. If you can accept them cheerfully, then you can increase your will-power. Again, you can increase your will-power by not being affected by the results of your actions. If something takes place, always try to see the positive side of the story. Suppose you are walking along the street and somebody snatches away your wallet. With your determination you will try to chase him, which is absolutely right on the outer plane. But at the same time, on the inner plane you can offer your gratitude to God that this thief has only snatched away your money, whereas he could have pushed you into the path of a car or stabbed you. If you can always offer this cheerful attitude, then you will develop will-power. You tell God, “Because of Your Love and Compassion for me, only this much has happened. It could have been infinitely worse.”